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Birchbark box

Birchbark box

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Just like being in nature has health benefits, natural materials and experiencing them through different senses positively impact our physical and mental wellbeing. Birchbark products are a great way to bring a piece of nature to your everyday life. Birchbark is a 100% natural, soft, light, and a beautiful material. It is also very versatile and durable. 

This handmade birchbark box has many uses. Use it as storage in the kitchen, bathroom, office, or even outdoors while hiking. Store your bars of soap, jewelry, cookies, teabags, notes and more. We recommend adding it to your table setting to bring the softness and beauty of nature to your dining table.

Note. Growth conditions of birch trees brings variability to the shade of the birchbark. Due to that the color of Kaija earrings may vary. The color may darken over time, too. Depending on humidity and storage, birchbark may feel either harder or softer in your hands.

Length about 11 cm, width about 6 cm, height about 4 cm. Weight 29 g.

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