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Wooden artwork "You are stronger and wiser than you know"

Wooden artwork "You are stronger and wiser than you know"

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Studies have shown no matter what form nature takes, it positively affects our physical and mental wellbeing. The positive impact of wood material on human emotions was verified in the Wood for Good research project of the Natural Resource Institute Finland and Tampere University. Wood calms down, relaxes, and relieves stress. The scent of wood is pleasant and the surface of wood is warm. Touching the wood gives us a sense of security and it strengthens our nature connection.

Does the message of this wooden artwork speak to you? While being on your work desk or bedside table could it help you feel better? Purchase this for yourself or as a gift for a friend. You'll receive the wellbeing benefits of wood in your everyday life. You'll strengthen the effect by stopping at the card every now and then and holding it in your hands.

Size 148 mm x 105 mm, material 2 mm Finnish plywood

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