Hi! I’m Mari, a woman and entrepreneur behind SaimaaLife and this online store. At the bottom of SaimaaLife there is my personal healing journey away from exhaustion, depression and anxiety to health and happiness and life that looks and feels like me. On my journey I found nature in all of its forms to help me. I also found myself and the incredible natural power and wisdom that exists inside all of us. Nature became my anchor, and I found that naturally is the best attitude and a way of life.

In the world, that includes ever more inhuman and unnatural, SaimaaLife cherishes all things human and natural. For us all authenticity is the best, happiness is handmade, old is precious, less is more, quality goes over quantity and sustainability is the basis. We are a part of nature and we need the connection to it to feel good and balanced. Mutually it’s our responsibility to be good to trees, waters, animals, plants and other people and support the goodness and diversity of life. 

Through SaimaaLife services and products I want to inspire and help you to find stronger yourself and natural ways to feel better in your everyday life. From SaimaaLife online store you find products that help you to find your nature and bring pieces of it to your home. I warmly recommend my book Find your nature - Journey from stress and exhaustion to better balance, peace and energy. The book includes also assignments - to make them I made for you the wooden covered notebook. On my own journey photos and words helped me a lot and I feel that the best place to see them is in the middle of your everyday life. The idea of wooden poscards and wooden magnets were born and now first of them are available here.

When planning this online store, it was clear to me that through it I want to disclose talented soul sisters and brothers to whom nature is also close to their heart and the basis of their products. My sister’s, Marianne Ahonen Photography, nature photo prints enchant with their natural style and simplicity. Tuohinka by Inka Kuivalainen for her part forward beuatifully the traditions of birchbark crafts. I’m happy that besides my own ones I can sell both of these inspiring young Finnish female entrepreneur’s products to you.

Welcome to do nature inspired shopping!

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