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Nature photo print "Blueberry"

Nature photo print "Blueberry"

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The wellbeing effect of nature is so powerful that looking at nature photos can improve our health. Studies show shades of green and blue calm us, decrease blood pressure and stress, and increase vitality. Our brain’s alfa waves activate when we’re in contact with nature and make us feel more relaxed.

How does looking at this nature photo print make you feel? Could seeing it help you to catch small moments of peace and rest in the middle of your everyday life? Marianne Ahonen Photography catches beautifully natural, authentic, and simple moments of life.

The material in this photo print is fineArt paper. It feels nice in your hands. Breathe, let your body relax, and mind be inspired by this nature photo. Purchase it for yourself or as a gift.

Size 18 cm x 13 cm, fineArt paper

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