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Birchbark clip-on earrings "Kaija"

Birchbark clip-on earrings "Kaija"

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A clip-on version from the beautiful Kaija birchbark earrings!

Birchbark is 100% natural, soft, light and beautiful material. It's durable and will last for years to come. These birchbark earrings have been my favorite for years. Thanks to their lightness I barely feel them in my ears, but I often found myself stroking the soft surface of them. I’ve joked they're my stress toy. Dress them up or dress them down, these hand-made earrings are perfect for any occasion.

The earrings are named after the Finnish old craftsman Kaija Karri. Friendship and love for nature brought us together. I bought my first birchbark earrings from her.

The birchbark for these Kaija earrings comes from the forest of my childhood farm in Punkaharju. I collected it myself and Tuohinka handmade the earrings. The glue used is 100% natural wheat flour paste (wheat flour, water), which makes the earrings non-toxic. Other parts of the earring are stainless steel. It works well for those who have sensitive skin and allergies. 

Note. The variability of growth conditions of birch trees brings variability to the shade of the birchbark. Due to that the shade of Kaija earrings may vary. It is typical for birchbark that the shade of earrings darkens a bit over time. 

ECO jewellery box 8.5 cm x 8.5 cm, weight with earrings 25 g.

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